About Team Northwest

Team Northwest is a summer hockey program at the AAA level involving select or elite players from the Midwest and western states. The program began in 1991 and was formed for the elite hockey players to play against similar players and teams from across North America and Europe.

Throughout each year, division managers and those involved in our program recruit players of the AAA caliber to participate in the formation of 5 teams.

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Dear Todd, Pamm, Garry and Tim,

I meant to get this out to you right away, but I feel like I have been chasing my tail all summer just trying to keep up with my family.  So even though it comes to you late, it comes with no less thanks and gratitude than if I had sent it in a timely manner.

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Summer 2015 Quick Links

Here are some Quick Links for the 2014 Season. Note, we have 2 amazing programs this year and look forward to seeing you there!


For additional information or questions Please Contact Us!

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